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Webscale Products Overview

Managed cloud delivery plans and products designed to address the ecommerce segment’s biggest challenges

Webscale’s ecommerce-focused suite of cloud delivery plans and stand-alone products empower merchants to deliver a compelling user experience to their customers. Merchants of all sizes, deployed on the Webscale cloud platform, enjoy always available, blazing fast and secure storefronts.

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Cloud Delivery Plans

Cloud Delivery Plans by Traffic

Webscale fully managed cloud delivery plans are segmented by visitor traffic and desired features and functionality. Check out our full range of plans to learn more.

Cloud Delivery Plans by Platform

Webscale’s fully managed cloud delivery plans can be deployed on any self-hosted platforms. Check out our most popular platforms to learn more.

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Cloud Bot Manager

A cloud-native security solution powered by machine learning, which monitors the behavior of all bots accessing any web-based application, identifies anomalous activity, and takes the necessary action to prevent disruption.

Cloud Image Manager

A multi-cloud SaaS solution that offers a one-stop, automated image optimization and management solution for merchants, ensuring online buyers receive the right image for their specific device, every time, and always from the cache closest to the end user.

Cloud WAF

An application-aware cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF), addressing the pain points ecommerce businesses face with regards to the security, availability and performance of their critical web applications.

Cloud Security Suite

A 360-degree security solution that provides the ecommerce industry’s most robust protection against attacks from the frontend through web traffic, malicious code inserted into the backend, or from browsers executing scripts stealing sensitive information.

CloudEDGE Security

Comprehensive security at the traffic edge, alongside traditional CDNs and WAFs, and on top of any third-party hosted ecommerce platform, using automation and analytics to protect web applications.

M1 Support

A security-focused SaaS platform that allows merchants to stay patched and secured on the end-of-life Magento 1 platform, protecting them against exploits, from the point of entry to the backend infrastructure.

Cloud Application Testing

A synthetic test run across any staging or cloned production site, hosted in any cloud provider or on-premise data center to simulate end user patterns and shopping behavior on the application, while measuring the site’s responsiveness and overall performance.

“Webscale listened to our needs and addressed each one, always exceeding our expectations. Their team of engineers was always accessible, and listened to whatever questions we had. The entire process from inception to launch went extremely well and we could not have been happier.”

What our Customers are Saying

“The scaling of the servers was so efficient, we were able to have close to 100 to 200 checkouts per minute. We ended up with close to 100,000 checkouts in one day.”

Anand Dixit

VP of Technology, Skinit

“We’ve had zero downtime and much faster site performance on Webscale than we did with our previous managed hosting provider. Webscale has been instrumental in helping us get through the holiday season.”

Andrew Savage

Chief Operating Officer, Dolls Kill

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