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What’s under the hood?

Webscale is the only multi-cloud solution that enables e-commerce businesses to rapidly migrate to the cloud, enhancing visibility and control over their applications. Delivered as a cloud-native software as-a-service (SaaS), the Webscale platform provides customers with a portfolio of tools and features that ensure efficient usage of application infrastructure, blazing fast performance and unprecedented uptime across both desktop and mobile platforms.

An Introduction to the Webscale Technology Stack

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The key to any application’s success, especially in e-commerce businesses with high traffic, is uptime. 24×7 access to online shopping is expected, especially if you cater to a global audience. Webscale technology is built around the central premise of increasing the uptime of applications with a variety of automated tools that ensure “always-on” availability.


For e-commerce, the cost of a cyber attack can be very high, both in terms of direct costs through revenue loss and infrastructure usage, as well as the indirect costs attributed to brand loss and the resources it takes to return to business. Webscale is the only SaaS solution that can offer true end-end web application security, by securing transactions from the browser, to the Webscale data plane and deep into the application infrastructure.


The performance of your online storefront can impact your entire business, from customer satisfaction to conversion rates and search engine ranking. Webscale accelerates page views through end-end website performance optimizations, from the Internet edge to the Webscale layer, all the way to the application infrastructure.

Software-defined infrastructure

Webscale has fundamentally redefined cloud migration with a new standard for simplicity, predictability and the ongoing management of your application in the cloud. Webscale’s software-defined infrastructure allows customers to automatically deploy, manage and maintain server instances and web applications, removing the manual, error-prone natured aspects of an application lifecycle.

Application and Infrastructure Control

The Webscale technology stack has the ability to control both the cloud resource allocation and the behavior of applications in response to traffic patterns and web requests. This application awareness allows Webscale to truly bridge the gap between the application and its use of infrastructure. Webscale Web and Cloud Controls are simple, yet powerful tools to solve intricate and complex traffic and application problems.

Disaster Recovery

Webscale offers complete multi-cloud resiliency and business continuity for critical applications. Webscale Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) operates across different regions of a cloud provider or entirely different cloud providers to provide a business continuity plan that helps businesses remain always-on and high performing in the event of operational downtime, while adhering to compliance requirements where needed.



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