Angling Direct

Angling Direct is the largest fishing tackle retailer in the UK. The founders started to acquire interests in a number of small fishing tackle shops in Norfolk in 1986. The first Angling Direct branded superstore was opened in 2003 in Norwich. With four divisions – mail order, online (3 international websites), insurance replacement, and a network of superstores – Angling Direct stocks over 40,000 items from leading manufacturers.





The three international websites of Angling Direct were previously hosted with a UK hosting provider. Scalability became a recurring issue as the business grew. They were also disappointed by the hosting provider’s customer support, experiencing slow response times to their tickets. Angling Direct needed a solution that provided scalability, timely support and allowed them to optimize their infrastructure cost.

#1 Challenge


Rescued from



Webscale has deployed Webscale Pro with Cloud Delivery for Angling Direct. The primary reasons cited for the purchase included predictive auto-scaling, 360-degree security suite, intelligent caching, daily cloud backup, and 24x7x365 support.

Webscale provides Angling Direct with:

  • Stable, secure, and scalable cloud delivery infrastructure without the overhead of designing, implementing and managing it.
  • Unlimited, real-time, and predictive auto-scaling, capable of forecasting traffic surges and scaling ahead of demand automatically, ensuring 100% uptime and fast page loads at all times.
  • Application-aware WAF that delivers robust protection against DDoS and application-specific cyber-attacks.
  • 24×7 proactive support by an award-winning team of certified cloud and ecommerce experts.
  • End-to-end, real-time visibility into their cloud delivery infrastructure, site traffic, and user experience.

“Webscale is an important strategic partner of ours and has supported our web growth in multiple territories over the past years. We are able to have open and honest communication with them and have found them helpful at numerous occasions to work on either improvements or issues with our architecture setup.”

Wouter Putman
Digital and Customer Director
Angling Direct 



Saved in Lost Sales

With predictive auto-scaling, Angling Direct no longer worries about potential lost revenue due to downtime.



Angling Direct benefits from cloud infrastructure that uses automation to scale and cater to large traffic spikes, ensuring faster response times and zero site outages.


Saved by Right-sizing

Webscale ensures Angling Direct’s cloud delivery infrastructure is always right-sized, so they never need to overpay for unused capacity. Elimination of cloud management and support overhead has also resulted in substantial savings.


Proactive Support

Webscale’s proactive support team offers Angling Direct peace of mind during issues, with unmatched cloud and ecommerce expertise.