Medals of America

Medals of America was founded in 1976 by U.S. Army Veteran Colonel Frank Foster and his spouse Linda Foster. After a lengthy search for his father’s WWII medals, and learning that other veteran families had similar challenges, Frank decided to set up Medals of America. 


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Agency partner



Medals of America’s storefront was hosted with a leading commerce cloud. They were facing challenges around deployments and availability, as well as issues with support that were impacting their customers’ user experience. When the hosting contract came up for renewal, they went in search of an alternative.

#1 Challenge

Need for error-free code
deployment and support

Shifted from

Fully hosted ecommerce platform

“With Webscale, we were able to improve the cloud delivery experience for our client. We now have complete visibility and control over deployments and downtime is non-existent. The deployment process is seamless.”

Zach Stutzman
VP Production


Medals of America’s digital agency InteractOne recommended Webscale based on past work experiences with other clients. InteractOne was certain that Webscale’s managed CI/CD protocols, which automate the testing and management of web applications, could effectively solve their client’s pain points.

Medals of America uses Webscale Pro (with Cloud Delivery). In addition to full application visibility and control, Medals of America selected Webscale for its best-in-class deployment workflows, and world-class support team.

Webscale provides Medals of America with:

  • Stable, secure, and scalable cloud delivery infrastructure, with sophisticated cloud automation capabilities including unlimited, real-time, and predictive auto-scaling, ensuring 100% uptime.
  • Zero-downtime code deployments which are single click operations.
  • Advanced infrastructure management features like right-sizing, predictive scaling and server self-healing to ensure deployments remain cost effective and high performing with minimal human interaction.
  • An auto-provisioning system that prevents human errors during deployments, and always blueprints applications for future use.
  • 24×7 proactive support from an award-winning team of certified cloud and ecommerce experts.
  • End-to-end, real-time visibility into their cloud delivery infrastructure, code deployments, site traffic, and user experience through the Webscale Customer Portal.


“We were looking for a cloud delivery partner offering better performance and support. Webscale cloud delivery has always been excellent. We now have full control over deployment so the need to reach out to Webscale support is minimal. We have zero unexpected downtime. Webscale did what they said they would do and without any surprises.”

John Noone
Medals of America



Unplanned Downtime Events

Webscale’s highly defined DevOps workflows, CI/CD integrations with leading code repositories, zero-touch deployments and massive error avoidance during deployments with easy rollback mechanisms, ensure zero unexpected downtime for Medals of America.


Cloud Certifications

Medals of America has access to Webscale’s team of cloud and ecommerce experts, with 50+ cloud accreditations and certifications, acting as their extended IT arm.


Proactive Support

Webscale’s proactive support team offers Medals of America peace of mind during deployments, with unmatched cloud and ecommerce expertise.


Visibility and Control

The Webscale Portal, Web Controls, and Traffic Viewer give Medals of America unprecedented visibility into their site’s infrastructure and code deployments.