Democratizing the Cloud: Leveling the Playing Field for Digital Businesses

by | May 23, 2019


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Last week, we announced our Series B round of funding at $14 million. We’ve come a long way as a team, we’ve learned a lot, and it’s a good time to take stock of how we got here – and where we’re headed.

Why do Digital Businesses trust Webscale?

Most digital businesses today are already hosting their web applications in the cloud or are planning to do so in the very near future. However, with very little cloud management support from their existing hosting providers, and a lack of cloud expertise internally, things can get out of control, fast! Being hosted in the cloud while ensuring 100% application availability, fast application response times, and robust security, can be challenging.

Businesses are facing a huge cloud skills shortage. There aren’t enough people with expertise in cloud skills to make cloud migrations and management seamless either in-house or with old-school managed services.

Hyperscale providers would have you believe that moving to the cloud automatically reduces costs, but the truth is, you really only see a lower spend when your infrastructure is right sized and managed properly. While these cloud providers have their advantages in terms of (virtually infinite) scale and utility, if not managed correctly, one might actually end up paying more money compared to a traditional hosting environment.

How are we Democratizing the Cloud?

At Webscale, we deliver hyperscale cloud automation and management to make cloud services more manageable, consumable, and affordable, so all digital businesses can use them like a utility – right sized, and paying only for the resources you need, when you need them, and just for the length of time you need them.

We level the playing field for digital brands by building great technology and extensive automation for them, so they can leverage the cloud effectively and affordably to deliver phenomenal user experiences, without having to worry about what goes on behind the scenes. They now have access to the same technology stack that the largest of brands like Amazon and Walmart have built, without having to invest in a huge team (that they cannot hire easily in today’s tight job market), and spend hundreds of millions of dollars (that they don’t have).

What’s in it for the End User?

Webscale customers can offer an unbeatable digital experience to their end users as a B2B2C transaction. With Webscale’s predictive auto-scaling, digital businesses can ensure 100% uptime for their web applications allowing for users to transact quickly, reliably, and securely, even during high demand. With our cloud load balancer, integrated CDN, dynamic site cache, advanced content optimization, and other performance acceleration techniques, application load times are significantly faster. Furthermore, with the next-generation programmable Web Application Firewall, intrusion detection, and advanced bot management, web application owners can secure user sessions, defend consumers from an onslaught of malicious cyber-threats, and protect their own brand reputation.

Why our Partners Love us?

We are supported by our brilliant network of digital agencies, consultants, web designers, developers, and system integrators (SIs) that build high-quality digital experiences for brands to connect with their customers. These partners typically manage the design and (code) development for digital businesses and are their trusted go-to-market.

As we offer services and expertise in cloud migration, hosting, and management, our partners can really focus on what they do best – creating the best front-end and functionality for their customers’ web applications – while we deal with the backend systems to ensure 100% uptime, scalability, blazing fast performance, enterprise-grade security, and overall cloud success. This greatly improves customer satisfaction for our partners and helps them generate new revenue streams.

Technology-wise, in addition to a seamless migration and a right-sized “home” in the cloud, we give our developer partners deep insight and control into every session and transaction to manage their applications and sites effectively.

Where do we go from here?

2018 was an outstanding year for Webscale. With more than 100% YoY revenue growth, we now deliver over 1,000 fast, secure, and scalable digital storefronts in seven countries, for customers including six of the Fortune 1000, as well as Puma, Unilever, Hanes, Ferguson, Tommy Hilfiger, Cineworld Group, and others.

With this new round of financing, we plan to further accelerate growth and customer success. Part of this growth will come from expanding our go-to-market beyond digital commerce as we continue disrupting the multi-billion dollar managed hosting market for enterprise applications.

We also plan to invest heavily in partner enablement, training, onboarding, and co-marketing programs to scale our network.

Next stop – any guesses? We follow our customer needs and that is where we will go!

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