The 2021 Global Ecommerce Security Report

by | Mar 18, 2021


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In 2020, as the global ecommerce industry witnessed a decade’s worth of growth in a matter of months, so did the threat of cyber attack on those same storefronts. According to some reports, the industry recorded a huge 50% spike in Magecart-type attacks last year, and the unprecedented growth of ecommerce due to the pandemic has offered an increasingly vulnerable hunting ground for cyber criminals.

The five highest traffic days in 2020 (ranked highest to lowest) were Black Friday, Super Saturday, Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), December 12th (Saturday), and December 23rd (Wednesday). As a result, the October – December period saw cyber attacks grow by a significant 10x compared to 2019.

During the November – December period, Webscale prevented over 520M cyber attacks including malicious bots, credit card skimmers, brute force login attempts, and scrapers. It got us thinking about the bigger picture, and wanting to understand what the industry is doing to better defend itself against this increasingly sophisticated threat. So, we decided to conduct one of the widest security-focused surveys in the ecommerce industry to find out.

We reached 1572 ecommerce professionals, both merchants and developers to understand how they fared security-wise during 2020, what gaps they identified, and where they plan to focus and invest in 2021. The findings have now been compiled into a report offering critical insights and key learnings from the year that broke all records.

It’s completely free, and available for download here. But for the attention-challenged, like me, the below infographic highlights some of the key metrics, and if you like what you see, please feel free to share.

Infographic - The 2021 Global Ecommerce Security Report

Feel free to use the infographic on your blog/website with appropriate attribution to Webscale. Copy the code in the text area below:

How ready are you for 2021 and the potential impact a cyber attack can have on your storefront? As we show in the report, many household names spending millions on security, still fell short. If you’d like to speak to one of our ecommerce security specialists, drop us a note to and we’ll conduct a free assessment of your storefront.

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