by | Aug 29, 2018

Andrew Humber

Andrew hails from the UK, but headed for the warmer Bay Area climate over a decade ago. When he’s not being Webscale’s VP of Marketing, he’s a husband, father, dog walker, wine taster, and hopeless home improver.

Shop.org 2018, Las Vegas, is the place to be if you are part of the e-commerce industry. At the event, retailers and e-commerce businesses can learn how to enhance their businesses in today’s digitally competitive environment.

For those looking to improve your online storefront’s performance, security, and uptime, while reducing costs, ask the following questions:

  • Performance – 40% of customers leave websites that take more than 3 seconds to load.
    1. What are you doing to improve your site’s performance?
    2. Do you have an expensive CDN that you’d like to get rid of?
  • Security – 48% of all cyber-attacks target e-commerce businesses.
    3. Do you have DDoS protection?
    4. Do you have a web application firewall (WAF) designed for e-commerce?
    5. Do you know what to do if you are attacked?
  • Uptime – a minute of downtime on Black Friday can cost thousands!
    6. How do you guarantee 100% uptime regardless of how many people are on your site?
    7. Can you maintain the same performance on your site from 100 visitors to 100,000?
  • Costs, Support, Visibility – businesses can save up to 75% of their hosting costs if they move to the cloud, from a managed, hosting environment.
    8. How much are you paying for your hosting?
    9. Does your hosting provider know your platform and how fast do they respond if you have an application-related issue?
    10. More importantly, how much visibility do you have into your infrastructure at any given time, and can you easily implement controls to affect traffic if needed?

If even one of those questions resonated, then Webscale’s team at booth #SZ29 should be on your shortlist for the show. Here’s a little more on what you can look forward to at your meeting:

  • Learn about our powerful managed CDN and predictive autoscaling capabilities. It works in any cloud, or across multiple clouds, delivers content fast, and adds capacity ahead of a surge so that your website always stays available.
  • Learn about our security suite that includes an integrated WAF, DDoS Shield Mode, and file integrity monitoring that ensures your e-commerce application remains shielded from cyber-attacks and capable of alerting at the first sign of trouble.
  • And learn about our Web and Cloud controls that give you the ability to control both the cloud resource allocation and the behavior of your e-commerce application in response to traffic patterns and web requests. This application awareness allows Webscale to truly bridge the gap between the application and its use of infrastructure, giving you unprecedented insight into your storefront.

Webscale is improving performance, security, and uptime for more than 700 e-commerce storefronts, and that number is growing every day. If you’d like to learn more about Webscale’s E-Commerce Cloud, meet our e-commerce infrastructure experts at the show. We look forward to seeing you there.

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