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by | Aug 30, 2016


Sonal lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband, Gaurav, their two children, Rayan and Reyna, and a poodle. She spends all her energy on family, Webscale, reading and long 'thinking' walks.

Welcome to the new Webscale blog. I’m Sonal Puri, CEO of Webscale, and I’m passionate about technology startups. In particular, I’m passionate about the customer journey, and solving the pain points that stand in the way of a customer’s success. Here at Webscale, we’re doing just that.

We believe that less than 1% of companies worldwide looking to deploy business websites or web applications have the expertise to do so successfully. We’re talking about the Wal-Marts, Amazons, and Facebooks of the world. Webscale helps the remaining 99+% compete.

Take an e-retailer for example. They build a website, buy an e-commerce application, like Magento, and assume they’re good to go. But without expertise around great code, right-sized infrastructure and blazing-fast content optimization for web and mobile, the site will fail at the first sign of increased consumer interest. This can trigger a painful cycle of iterations, that still may not deliver the brilliant user experience they wanted, and may have cost them both revenue and reputation in the process.

The Webscale team has been working on large scale computing and distributed web technologies for most of their careers, and we understand how to hide the complexity of infrastructure and software from our customer and yet, give them all the functionality they need to create a great online business.

We’re strong believers in three trends that are impacting businesses today. These beliefs allow us to make key product and go-to market decisions and, more importantly, help us delight customers.

  1. All applications will be web-enabled within the next 2-5 years
  2. The mid-market will continue to be the fastest adopters of the public cloud, because it enables them to level the playing field with the leaders in their market
  3. Layer 4-7 services will continue to evolve from an on-premise appliance-based and disparate solution to an integrated service

Terms like “Layer 4-7 services” tend to confuse, and honestly they are alien to most of the mid-market. But, they are integral to the deployment of a website and include must-have features like load balancing, security and application acceleration. It’s the understanding of these layers, and their ability to throw people and equipment at the problem, that allow larger businesses to grow rapidly. The mid-market, on the other hand, has neither the budget nor the resources to follow suit. They need this technology simplified, integrated and easily deployed, with immediately visible benefits across performance, availability and security.

This is the Webscale advantage, and what our 60+ customers have at their fingertips today.

If you are a potential customer, partner, employee or supporter and believe in these trends, come join us or email us for more information about our products and our expanding universe of customers, across e-commerce and the enterprise.

End of the day, we want to enable our customers to focus on their business, while we focus on making it effortless for them to conduct their business on the web.

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